Business Plan

Is a Business Plan Needed? As Benjamin Franklin stated, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

To run a business efficiently there has to be a well thought out plan and direction to the company. If not, you will be spinning your wheels, operating in circles and working in a reactive mode. Business Lenders need to see that the Business Owner understands their market, collected in their ideas, know their customers, understand how to generate income, have a good sense of their business direction and a backup plan for if/when the unexpected happens. This information will be evident to any lender as they read and review the written Business Plan and Financial Pro Forma.

Business Plans are Not just for startup companies. To improve your funding odds and success in your business, keep and maintain a written business plan. Ideas written down and executed, at any stage of your business, ensure optimal success in the operations. The better an existing business is at articulating what their company has done, how they will use the funds, how the capital will positively impact their business, along with growth projections outlined, the more likely they will keep the business afloat in a changing market and be able to secure business financing.

Is there just one kind of Business Plan? No. There are multiple different types of Business Plans used for various reasons. Some Banks and Lenders like a full operations business plan, some request an executive summary while another lender will request the default format of the business plan. There are many variations of business plans. Additionally, different Business Plans are used for different loan products and use of funds. (i.e. SBA Loans, Acquisition Loans, Equipment Financing, Startup Loans, Micro Loans, etc).

At SEG Funding, we have in-house professionals and experts that design, create and customize each business plan for your specific business situation. To help us create the business plan for you, we will send you a questionnaire to get personal details that only you would know about your company. SEG Funding will do excess research on your industry, market and what the lender(s) need in your scenario. We then will write and create the plan for you. Most Business Plans are delivered in three to five business days.

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Economy - basic business plan

Custom built plan with quick turnaround
We do all of the research, writing and editing for you.
for loans up to $50,000

Standard - most popular

Everything in Economy plus
CPA Certified which includes 1-3 year financial plan
SBA-Approved Form
for loans up to $250,000

Gold - best value

Everything in Standard plus
CPA Certified which includes 3-5 year financial plan
3 professional consultants work on your plan
Export your plan with custom themes
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