Here are a few of the many satisfied customers we have gotten to know and have had the pleasure of working with. We love to see companies Start, Expand and Grow with the appropriate debt products.  With so many financial institutions across the country, it is nice to know you have someone working for your company that can navigate you through this complex lending matrix.  We now have over 500 lenders in our Network.  We strive for excellence in customer service and satisfaction. Please do us a quick favor and email us with your positive experiences @

My business partner and I have worked with SEG Funding and they have helped us obtain multiple loan products. We initially obtained a LOC to help with cash flow needs. Then we came back for a 2nd round of funding as we were growing and needed more capital. We were able to factor some of our receivables for a great rate and this has literally saved our business. Thanks for the great partnership guys! We approciate all the work put in to help us out.

Philip Carter

I found SEG Funding online while I was searching for a Start Up Business Loan for a Franchise opportunity with SubZero Ice Cream. Prior to applying with SEG Funding, I had applied at a lot of banks on my own with no success. I was able to correct some of the problem areas that these banks had with my previous applications and obtained an SBA $105k loan with their help.

Anthony McArthur

Very Very Satisfied. They helped me roll over my 401k for my down payment to acquire an existing business. Once the lender saw I had money to put down, I was able to get a $361,000 SBA Loan. Their fees were very reasonable and were very professional.

Bill Ebbert

With the help of SEG Funding we were able to get a $303,000 SBA Acquisition Loan to buy a Restaurant in Wausau, WI. They helped negotiate the Purchase Price lower and got us some Working Capital for the updates we wanted done in the restaurant. Great work!

Marty Tolben

Thanks for the help of obtaining several credit lines for my start up business. Now we are able to market and advertise our entertainment company at our next venue. We were able to get over $50k in start up funding.

Rick Jefferson

We had 3 quick offers from SEG Funding. They had a $250k short term business loan, $100k line of credit and $260k SBA Loan very quickly. We went with the SBA Loan, it took a little longer to close because of the paperwork involved, but they helped through the whole process. This loan helped us consolidate some debt and a better rate and term and helped us move our office location which was so badly needed.

Meg McNally

Received a $100,000 business loan to buy out my partner. The loan was processed very quickly and I was very pleased. Everyone I worked with at their company was very pleasant and had a great depth of knowledge of business loans. Very satisfied!

Dustin Luster

Applied for a business loan with less than stellar credit, and was able to get 2 loan offers from banks. One was for $15,000 and the other was at $18,000. I was able to get both loans funded and helped during our busy season.

Dana Waddell

We were growing so fast and needed capital for expansion. We applied for a loan in November and received $150,000 to help with our growing pains. Less than a year later, we needed more capital, SEG Funding helped again and was able to get the same bank to lend us another $250,000. These loans have help our company weather the storms of our expansion while we completed jobs and waited for our receivables to come in.

Jeff Ashby

We came to SEG Funding seeking a startup loan. For our situation, we set up a C-Corp and did a ROBS (Rollover as Business Startup) option that they assisted us with and helped get our company credit established. We received 5 lines of credit to help with our marketing and advertising to get started.

Kevin Winslow

I was starting my Pharmacy up in Columbia, MD and needed some equipment to finish off our build out. I found SEG Funding online and they helped us get our POS, computers, bar code reader, laser printer, scanner, and pharmacy management system ordered and installed. Although the funding amount wasn’t too large at $15,000, it allowed us to finance the equipment at a reasonable rate and term.

Nicholas Norman

Closed on a $900k multi-unit investment property in CA with the help of SEG Funding. Before talking to SEG, I went to several banks in my area and was turned down because of the risk. SEG helped prepare a sensible business plan and financial plan and used a small lender out of TX to get the deal closed.

Richard LaFerriere

I knew I didn’t have good credit as I had used all my credit cards to get my salon started and was barely scraping by. My bank couldn’t offer any help as I was maxed out. I found SEG Funding online, applied, they processed my paperwork, approved and it was such a relief.

Matt Felliche

Excellent Company! My experience was very good. They have the most efficient process and the SEG Funding staff are very professional. They seemed to care about the growth of my business and focus on long-term relationship. James was my account manager and knows his process better than anyone, in my opinion. Thank you James for your work on my behalf and I highly recommend SEG Funding to anyone.

Marcia Rodriguez

This is the second time I have used SEGFunding. First time I needed a lot of help with my entity, business plan and website. After their work I obtained $56,800 in business financing for my Cafe. I got into a new location and was able to obtain a very large commercial loan the next time. Yea for me!

Sandra McFarland

Only got $87,000 of the $95,000 that I wanted, but I can do what I need with this start. Pretty satisfied since I can't do this alone.

Conrad Beverly

The team at SEG Funding was very helpful and supportive of our trucking business. Christian, specifically, was very informative in helping us through the process and make it as seamless as possible! I'm now onto my 4th truck and it's going great.

Diane White

I normally don't give reviews or feedback on any type of platform, but I need to for so that small companies that need help with funding give seg funding a shot. My experience was top notch. The process is fast and easy, I've obtained $39,000 and seg funding does help small companies like me.

Wesley Lauritzen

The SEG Funding team did everything possible to get me the best products and capital solution for the continued growth of my business. I'm a seasonal company with not the best credit. I am grateful for their creative solutions to my needs!

Carl Swenson Jr.
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