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Here at SEGFunding , we help facilitate financing to small business owners, and those with aspirations of starting their own new business. Our broad access to lenders nationwide places you in the best position possible to receive financing. We pride ourselves in empowering business owners to obtain the capital they need to start, expand and grow their business.

Streamlined SEGFunding Process

  • Step 1 - Apply We need you to register your account online here or call us to start your easy application at 888-569-3865.
  • Step 2 - Review Once you have Registered, we will then Review your account for immediate financing options, credit requirements, stated or verified income and what loan products best match your account. This could be a Business Line of Credit, SBA Loan, Equipment Financing, etc.
  • Step 3 - Results During your Review we will then publish your Results and provide the loan products and compliance reports generated. You will also be made aware of market trends, if there are time in business requirements, documents required and make the necessary recommendations to strengthen your account.
  • Step 4 - Get Funded!! After the Results are completed and published, you will then be guided through Funding. This is our expertise! On a daily basis our team is communicating with lenders, underwriting criteria and credit trends to help you secure the cheapest money possible to Start, Expand and Grow your business.

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